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Black Hat SEO noun used in reference to a person who engages in illegal or malicious search engine op

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The extortion website, has appeared to suffer a massive crash in search engine ranki

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Video is one of the most powerful tools to getting your message heard. Early on in the days of video

Altitude SEO on

Partnering with Tom Martino couldn’t have been an easier decision. His dedication to ethics in

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Altitude Agency has an immediate opening for an experienced internet marketing consultant. Here&#821

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Like most businesses, digital marketers assume everyone knows that industry jargon. The problem is, w

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There’s a lot of garbage out on the internet about how to hire an SEO. One of the most common s

Top 5 Places to Find Bad SEO Advice

In today’s digital landscape, everyone is an SEO expert regardless of their actual capability.

I am shaving to raise money for childhood cancer research!

There’s nothing more that breaks my heart than to see children suffer. Every time I see a young

How I got $77K/mo worth of free traffic to my website from Google in 6 months

When I first purchased in 2005 I used it as an affiliate marketing website, primarily