Negative SEO Recovery

Negative SEO Recovery

Negative SEO is the process of deploying malicious or deceptive search engine optimization practices at a targeted website with the intent to trigger an algorithmic or manual penalty for violating Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Negative SEO is very real and it is more prominent today than ever. While Google claims Negative SEO doesn’t really work, it does – and proof is readily available. Recently, we were working on a reconsideration request that we believed was triggered by a negative SEO attack. Of course, when you’re preparing a reconsideration request you can never pass blame onto the Negative SEO attack because Google will think just that, you’re not taking responsibility for the ‘deceptive links’ and therefore ignore your request.

For this particular client, we played along with Google and was able to get them to release three example domain names that they had defined as deceptive. Every single one of those three domain names were in fact from the negative SEO campaign against the website proving that negative SEO does in fact work.

At Negative SEO Consulting (a service of we help businesses struggling to recover from a Negative SEO attack with real, meaningful and expert level services designed to lift, and mitigate the attack for years to come.

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