How We Do It

At Negative SEO, we do one thing and one thing well… Dramatically reduce the visibility of content in search, or in some cases, completely remove it. Specifically, for sites that are made to defame, shame, or destroy one’s reputation.

Negative SEO is unlike any SEO firm you’ve worked with before. While most SEO agencies focus on improving rankings, we focus on demoting rankings. Our 20+ years of experience in SEO combined with our proprietary processes have allowed us to grow into one of the fastest-growing SEO firms on the East Coast.

Why Would I Want to DeRank a Website?

Clients come to Negative SEO from all walks of life who have various reasons to demote content. Here are a few of the more popular requests we get.

  • Mugshot removal from prior messup. (We don’t judge, no one is perfect.)
  • Unfair or negative media coverage from prior accusastion or conviciton.
  • Unflattering videos, images or content that shows up in Google search.
  • Competitors creating dafamartory websites, or content to steal business.
  • Rouge ex-employees who build false, misleading or damatory websites to trash ones reputation.
  • Politicians and political orginizations.

The list goes on and some people suck, which is why we exist. The level the playing field.

Due to our specialized approach, we receive referrals from law firms (criminal & civil), online reputation management firms who can’t get the results they desire and need for their clients, as well as direct engagement from those being harmed online.

Our Process to Demote and/Or Remove Content is Proven

Our process is proven, and it works. Removing and suppressing unwanted content takes time and can be expensive. We’ve created a program that is customized to each of our client’s situations and regardless of your income, we can take immediate action.

  • 20+ Years of SEO Experience and Understanding of Google Ranking Factors & Algorithems
  • Propiriatry Proven, AI
  • We Do Not Accept Failure, All Projects Are GUARANTEED!