Hallelujah – RIP Rip Off Report

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Rip Off Report

The extortion website, RipOffReport.com has appeared to suffer a massive crash in search engine rankings.

Rip Off Report is known for allowing anonymous posters trash businesses and individuals with no repercussion. For pretty substantial fee, Rip Off Report will push down the original report and replace it with a positive disclaimer.

The ranking drop is welcomed news to those who’ve suffered reputation damage from competitors, former employees and really anyone else who uses this website as a tool to attack reputations.

On July of 2018 traffic evaluations from SEMRush.com indicated around 876,684 estimated organic visitors per month. Today number has dropped to about 300K.

Many victims are feeling some relief as they now don’t have to pay for reputation management services to suppress the reports, nor do they have to pay the extortion fee.

It’s a good day. The only question is; why did it take Google so long?

I’ll continue to monitor for updates and changes and post my thoughts here.

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