Why hire an NFL coach who’s never seen the Super Bowl?

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If you were the General Manager of an NFL franchise who was tasked with finding a new head coach – would you hire a coach with a poor win rating, or perhaps a coach who has never come close to winning a championship?

This happens all the time in SEO. Small business owners buy into fancy sales pitches from SEO experts who’ve never made it to the #1 position in Google for a highly competitive keyword or even to the first page of Google at that. So, why?

Most business owners buy based on price and fancy sales presentation, not experience or actual results.
In the world of SEO, that’s a detrimental mistake

Google has very specific guidelines when it comes to SEO. When you buy based on price, you typically get an SEO provider who cuts corners or doesn’t have the skill required to compete at any meaningful level. Or, even worse – you’ll get an SEO who could and will likely get you penalized by Google. That means, your thousands or hundreds of dollars you invested goes poof.

Getting ranked is one thing; staying there is an entirely different battle. Don’t hire based on price, or fancy sales presentations. Hire on experience and proven results.

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