What is Revenge SEO?

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What is Revenge SEO?

Revenge SEO, or Revenge Search Engine Optimization is the act of inflicting embarrassment or harm against someone or something using search engine optimization stratagies the improve the visibility of unflattering content in search engines like Google.

While anyone at anytime can deploy Revenge SEO, it’s more common for competitors, ex-spouses, disgruntled ex-employees to deploy these types of campaigns. In some cases the accusations can be true, but they are more often than not fabricated.

At NegativeSEO.com, we can help minimize and in some cases, eliminate the negative content being published and promote online against you.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is an industry-leading SEO expert with over 19 years of experience helping some of today's largest brands online. Negative SEO specializes in SEO Reputation Management, DMCA Takedowns, Ad Policy Violation Takedowns, Link Audits, Negative SEO Recovery, Google Penalty Recover, and more. Negative SEO currently serves as a partner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Colorado-based, Nuclear Networking.

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