What is a Recycled Lead?

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What are recycled leads?

Have you ever purchased then immediately contacted a lead from on of the big lead generation providers just to find that the lead has already hired for the project, or even completed it? If so, that’s because you likely unknowingly purchased a ‘recycled lead.’

In the earlier days, lead aggregates would by 3rd party recycled leads when lead volume was down in hopes to satisfy their contractors.

Recycled leads are bad for both homeowners and contractors alike. Homeowners visit popular ‘pre-screened’ contractor referral sites thinking they might get up to 3-5 quotes from area contractors that is until their information is sold as a fresh lead to another lead aggregate who then again, resells the lead to another 3-5 contractors. In many cases, when the second round of contractors purchase the lead, the homeowner is pissed off, and in most cases has already hired a contractor for the job.

Recycled leads are expensive

Not only are recycled leads garbage, lead services typically still charge you the same premium as an new lead would cost.

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