Tutorial: How to Access Your WordPress Dashboard

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Logging into the WordPress dashboard may seem like a simple task. Many WordPress website owners have always relied on a 3rd party to update their website. Whether you need to update content, change user passwords, or even upload media, you’ll need to have the ability to login to your WordPress dashboard to do so. Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how to access your WordPress administration area.

How to access your WordPress Administrative Area (Dashboard)

Step 1. Open your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc..)

Step 2. Type in yourwebsite.com/wp-admin (replace yourwebsite.com with your actual website).

Step 3. Type in your username and password then login.

Simple right? If you’re having troubles logging in you may be using an incorrect username or password. If this is the case, contact the person who set up your website. If that was you, simply select “Lost your password?” from your WP login page.

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