SearchCon 2019 – Breckenridge Kicks Off

Sean Michael 0

This is the first time I’ve attended SearchCon. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend AgencyCon, a collaborative conference among agency owners. Last year, Jim Kreinbrink of Hyper Dog Media (also the organizer for Agency & SearchCon) invited me in as a speaker. For 2018/2019 my goal is to get involved in more speaking engagements so this was a great opportunity. The event went so well, I was eager to join a room with some of the most brilliant minds in SEO for SearchCon.

What is SearchCon?

SearchCon is SEO focused conference that is packed with cool speakers, sponsors and attendees who are interested in SEO. The event is hosted at the Beaver Run Resort & Spa in Breckenridge, CO, and spans over two days.

Some of the speakers include Cade Lee of SEO Hog, Jamie Alberico from Not a Robot, LLC, Garret Acott of Visional Marketing and many more.

Interested in attending in the near future? Be sure to check out SearchCon online at

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