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There’s an old joke in our industryhow do you know an SEO is spamming? When you can’t outrank them…


Notice: This backlink disclaimer was created in response do a rouge, self-proclaimed SEO who continues to defame me online. He cannot figure out why I keep crushing his SEO efforts. The only response to his own incompetence is I must be spamming. He can’t figure it out. So, here you go. 

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SEOs are a highly competitive breed. When they can’t outrank someone, they automatically jump on the spam bandwagon. When it comes to this site,, I can’t blame them for thinking that. I first purchased in 2005. I used it for a while as my personal blog. Several years later, I sold my SEO portfolio, including this domain name.

During that time, I didn’t have any control over what links were built to it and the domain name was later shut off in 2013 as the bad link portfolio had caught up to it. Fast forward to September of last year. I reached out to the owners and said, “Hey, mind if I buy my name back from you?” To my surprise, they agreed and the domain was once again in my control. Exciting, huh?

After I got the domain, I threw up a website, had it indexed by Google, and waited about a month to see what Google would do. The site didn’t rank anywhere, and rightfully so. I decided to investigate the links and did a full SEO detox. Any link that violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines was immediately included in a disavow file and submitted.

While most SEOs want to dive right into link development, I dove straight into link removal and link detox. Weeks later, my rankings started to climb at an accelerated rate.

So, if you plan on taking a look at the backlinks of this website – you can rightly argue that while there are some good links, there are a lot of spammy ones for sure. Before you jump on the #spamwagon, rest assured – measures have been taken to correct the previous link efforts not associated with me which is why my website likely outranks yours.

Until next time.

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