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Reputation SEO

Sometimes, things just have to go…

Finding unflattering information at the forefront of Google about you or your business is not only embarrassing, but it’s also financially destructive. Whether you did something silly in your past or recently made a mistake – I can help reclaim your reputation.

Reputation SEO™

Unlike Online Reputation Management (ORM), Reputation SEO™ employs search engine optimization strategies to remove or demote harmful content found in Google. ORM typically refers to the management and solicitation of online reviews for websites like Yelp, Google MyBusiness, and others.

Experience Matters

Since 2001 I’ve been a leading search engine optimization expert. Over the years, I’ve consulted major online brands like Lending Tree, Amazon’s, Chipolte Mexican Grill, among others. Additionally, I’m a Federally appointed SEO Expert Witness testifying in local and federal SEO lawsuits.

Since 2001, I’ve also created, managed, and successfully sold three major SEO firms, including Urban Voice Media, JEMSU (formally Denver SEO, Inc), and most recently, Altitude Agency who was acquired by Nuclear Networking this year.

I Warranty My Results.

Getting harmful content removed or suppressed in Google is no easy task, which is why most ‘experts’ are unwilling to warranty or guaranty their work. If anything I suppress comes back or isn’t moved by a certain day, I’ll work for free.

Reputation SEO™ Takes Time.

Removing or suppressing harmful content takes time. The total amount of time is dependent on the type of content. For example, a negative article in the New York Times will take longer than your local newspaper.

Reputation SEO™ Isn’t Cheap.

Don’t expect to get into a Reputation SEO™ campaign for less than a few thousand dollars per month. There is a lot of expertise and cost involved with adequately suppressing negative search results. Be wary of anyone offering to do this for cheap. In the end, you will waste money and end up calling me back at a later time. In many cases, I will have to unwind what the previous provider did, which can cost even more.

Need help? Don’t feel embarrassed – things happen – I get that. Contact me for a friendly, no pressure, and confidential consultation. I do not work with everyone and limit my workload. I do this to ensure I deliver only the best results. I’m always happy to chat with you about your situation and give you my thoughts on which direction you should go.

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Negative SEO

Negative SEO is an industry-leading SEO expert with over 19 years of experience helping some of today's largest brands online. Negative SEO specializes in SEO Reputation Management, DMCA Takedowns, Ad Policy Violation Takedowns, Link Audits, Negative SEO Recovery, Google Penalty Recover, and more. Negative SEO currently serves as a partner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Colorado-based, Nuclear Networking.

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