How Long Does it Take to Clean Google Results? (Reputation Management)

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I have a newer client who has been doing an aggressive crisis reputation management campaign for about six months. This individual was aggressively and unfairly attacked by the media from just about every angle you could think of. Before long, the first three pages of Google consisted of false accusatory statements from the media, competitors and really anyone else who wanted to take advantage of a poorly reported story by the media and attack this individual. What is worse is this behavior from the media continued for months.

Determining how long an online reputation campaign will take really depends on the situation and the severity of it. If someone has attacked you, or your brand on a defamatory complaint website, it can be knocked down in less than six months. If you’ve been accused of a high-profile crime, be prepared to have a reputation manager working on your online reputation for several years. Regardless if you’ve been accused or are innocent, the damage has been done when the media first reports on you which means it’s time to start cleaning things up right away. This will allow you to have a jump start on clearing your search results when it matters most.

Example Reputation Management Campaigns Timeframes:

  • Suppressing Defamation Website: 6 months
  • Suppressing Media on Criminal Accusations: 12 to 24 months

If you’ve been accused of something and the media have their hands on it, we need to talk. Getting an early start on it will allow you to have a quicker recovery and will allow you to have less financial hardship. You can learn more about our crisis reputation management services here, call me at 303-731-6588, or email me


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