Have you hired an SEO? Oops!

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If you’re a business owner, hiring and managing an SEO provider on your own is a BIG mistake. The first mistake business owners typically make is assuming all SEO services are alike, so they shop based on price – not expertise. Yikes.

Because of its popularity, everyone seems to offer SEO as a service regardless of their actually capability to deliver. This is when hiring an SEO becomes so dangerous. How do you know what to expect from an SEO when many SEOs don’t even know what they do?

Last – how much does SEO cost? Do you know? Most SEO companies throw out a number that businesses like yours will bite on rather than sending out quotes based on actual work that needs to be completed.

Don’t hire, or even try to manage an search engine optimization provider alone. If you’re hearing excuses like ‘just give it another month,’ or ‘ we cant show you what we’re doing because it’s a proprietary service,’ we need to talk.

My cell phone number is 303-731-6588. I invite you to call me ANYTIME to discuss your questions, comments or concerns when it comes to search engine optimization. As a federally appointed SEO Expert Witness in U.S. District Court, I’ve seen it all and can probably save you quite a bit of money, and headaches.


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