Google June Broad Core Algorithm Update is Live

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Google releases a broad core algorithm update on June 2, 2021.

Google apparently launched a broad core algorithm update on June 2, 2021. According to Google, they had intended to include more into yesterday’s update, but was unable to get everything ready in time. That is the main reason that they will be releasing two core updates so close to each other. The second iteration is expect in July.

Google’s Danny Sullivan wrote on Twitter

“Some of our planned improvements for the June 2021 update aren’t quite ready, so we’re moving ahead with the parts that are, then we will follow with the rest with the July 2021 update. Most sites won’t notice either of these updates, as is typical with any core updates.

Six months ago, Google released a December core update which shook the SEO industry.

Google has been busy and is expected to launch their “Page Experience Update” mid to late June.

As of now, I am not seeing any movement outside the norm with this update meaning, as of now it wasn’t that significant (July might be different) and/or is still rolling out.

I will update this post should I see anything significant.

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