Five Ways You Might Be a Black Hat SEO…

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You Might be a black hat if...

The term Black Hat SEO is probably one of the most overused terms in the world of SEO. Individuals and businesses employing ‘Black Hat SEO’ tactics are pointing fingers at other SEOs for doing basically the same thing. 

Five Ways You Might Be a Black Hat SEO

  1. you provide your clients a ranking report.
  2. you accept payment from a client and build links on their behalf.
  3. you add a ‘do-follow’ footer link in your client’s website footer...
  4. you manage Affiliate Marketing campaigns for your clients where affiliates include do-follow links.
  5. you use automated programs or services to create links to your site (Money Robot, SENuke, etc.)

Everyone in the SEO scene has at one point called out a competitor for deploying black hat SEO. 99.9% of SEOs I know violate at least one of the above mentioned examples.

Most SEOs I know provide their clients with a ranking report and build links for their clients. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, these two services directly violate Google’s Guidelines.

So, what does a 100% White Hat SEO company do?

  • On-Page Optimization (improving signals to help search engines better understand and rank a given website)
  • Content – “If you build it, they will come…” or at least that’s what Google wants you to believe. Building ‘great content’ should naturally bring you organic/natural editorial votes or mentions from other bloggers etc.

Your site could be the most optimized website on the planet but if you are without editorial votes (authority) then you’re site will likely never rank, nor compete. That’s why some ‘White Hat SEO’ leverage social media to get the content out in front of influencers and hope for an editorial mention. But even then, you’re hiring the SEO to build content and get links so technically, aren’t the ‘earned links’ still paid?

Food for thought. Sound off below…

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