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There are a ton of great SEO firms. There’s also a lot of not so great ones.

DigiTech Solutions, an Indian based ‘Digital Marketing‘ company recently provided a website audit. When I review the audits I look for several things including actual task that an impact on SEO. Second, I look at the company who provided the audit to see if they get any traffic, or include SEO best practices.

As far as DigitTech Solutions is concerned, according to SEM Rush they get an estimated 4 visitors per month from Google. Wow.

https://thedigitechsolutions.com SEM Rush Review

Small businesses don’t know who to rely on for good information. It’s a good thing there are tools like SEM Rush that allow access to important SEO factors.

Remember, if an SEO company can’t rank themselves for anything, don’t expect them do be able to do any different for you.

DigiTech Solutions title tag on their homepage says “Best Digital Marketing | SEO | PPC Agency in Pune,” however – are they? Nope.

As far as DigiTech Solutions – you might want to keep shopping around.

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