CBD eCommerce Mini-Case Study

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eCommerce is one of my favorite SEO tasks. I enjoy how easy it is to track efforts and the direct impact SEO has.

Recently, Altitude SEO took over the SEO efforts for a growing Organic CBD company. The CBD company had what some would consider ‘good’ traffic and search engine rankings. When Altitude SEO took over, we took ‘good’ traffic to ‘great’ traffic – the difference between a good and great SEO team.

What happened?

When the Altitude Tech and content team took control of the SEO efforts the site almost overnight went from thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of new visitors per month and millions in revenue.

In the CBD world, there are some keywords that generate more than 300,000 searches per month, and when you rank #1 for those – the bottom line is impacted.

The thing I enjoy most about what I do is watching our dedicate team changing lives. At Altitude, we take entrepreneur dreams and convert them into reality for a fair price.

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