Can Negative SEO Work for Reputation Management?

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Negative SEO, typically is a process that involves building tens of thousands of spammy links to a particular website or webpage in hopes to trigger an algorithmic of manual penalty from Google. While Negative SEO can work, it’s typically not advised as a first step to suppressing negative content.

About 5 months ago I took on a new client who had one unflattering website about him, and his business. He was chatting with an ‘IT’ guy who claimed he could get rid of the website’s ranking in Google by deploying a negative SEO campaign against it. Welp, that plan backfired and all the sudden tens of thousands of links now skyrocketed that particular website to #1 in Google for his name, and his businesses name.

That’s when I was called in. If the offending domain name didn’t have tens of thousands of links going to it, I could have likely pushed it off the first page of Google in 3 – 6 months. But, due to the fact it was now so ‘authoritative’ in Google’s eyes, the timeframe adjusted to 6 to 12 months. That’s because I had to counter the damage that the ‘IT guy’ did and an even larger, more legitimate scale…

Negative SEO can work but it takes time do deploy correctly. Some people think that a negative SEO campaign works quickly. It doesn’t, a negative SEO campaign can take as long, if not longer than a Reputation SEO campaign and must be executed with perfection – otherwise, it can backfire as the scenario above did.

Before you execute either, give me a call at 303-731-6588.

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Negative SEO is an industry-leading SEO expert with over 19 years of experience helping some of today's largest brands online. Negative SEO specializes in SEO Reputation Management, DMCA Takedowns, Ad Policy Violation Takedowns, Link Audits, Negative SEO Recovery, Google Penalty Recover, and more. Negative SEO currently serves as a partner, and Chief Marketing Officer for Colorado-based, Nuclear Networking.

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