An Interesting Conversation with an SEO Marketing Manager

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Several weeks ago I got the following message on LinkedIn from a gentleman by the name of Bob:

“Hello there, my name is Bob and I represent one of the top Local SEO’s in the USA and he happens to be close by to you, so I thought maybe you’d be open to networking and sharing referrals? Add me for more information. “

I responded with:

“Hey Bob, always interested in connecting with other SEOs. Thanks”

Bob responded with:

“Sean, I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t realize you were an SEO as well. Anyway we don’t network with other SEOs. We’re in a league of our own and we don’t mesh with the 98% of the world who does paid ads, blogging and social media and claims that’s SEO. We have our own codes and our own links that make us entirely unique.”

I got a kick out of his response which prompted me to check his company out. I wanted to see what really made them entirely unique. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t much… A league of his own? Sure… You could say that… 😉

Here’s what I learned:

iRank Fast

According to, Bob’s company doesn’t really rank at all. So, hopefully, his company’s unique process isn’t a reflection of their work on their own website. I went on to dive into their link portfolio and found that they link from their client’s websites (a big no-no), some Russian forum spam, some .edu spam among other links. These are the type of sales practices that leave business owners frustrated with the SEO world. Here’s a tip that will save you a ton of time, and money:

If an SEO can’t rank themselves, how do you expect them to do the same for you?

Don’t let a bad SEO spoil your business. I’ll help you get up to three quotes for reputable local SEO’s, just contact me.

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