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Black Hat SEO - Negative SEO

Around Jan 28th – Altitude SEO became victim of an attempted Negative SEO Attack. In a very short amount of time, thousands of backlinks were built with over optimized anchor text like “SEO Companies Denver, Denver SEO Company and Denver SEO.”

Melissa Popp from Altitude SEO immediately caught the attack while it was in progress. Within the day we started reaching out to websites who were spammed with Altitude SEO links (with my face on them btw.) Most of the websites sent us screen shots of the comment and the IP address. After that, they were more than happy to remove the link.

So – what happened to traffic and rankings on

Red Arrow Represents Negative SEO Attack

Looking at the ASEO traffic, ASEO took a bit of a dip for about a week or so. In fact, we lost ranking for a few of our primary keywords (dropping from 1 to 2 etc). Several days later ASEO rankings not only rebound, but grew.

As we continue to mitigate this attack, and potential further attacks were continuing to monitor in-bound links and update our disavow and link outreach removal.

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