PR Crisis Management

When crisis strikes, businesses and individuals become vulnerable to a host of threats both seen and unseen. 

Failure to plan for Public Relations before, during, and after a crisis can result in significant loss of revenue, customer loyalty, brand equity, and more. No matter the nature of the crisis, your business and personal credibility is on the line, and action needs to be taken in order to protect what you or your company has worked so hard to build. 

AAERO helps organizations and individuals preempt a crisis through smart, strategic public relations measures that deliver results

Leveraging a vast network of online assets, customized content development, and uniquely tailored, multi-platform mixed media outlets, we provide our clients with a united front against negative publicity in all of its forms. 

Crisis Management Public Relations in the Digital Age

Even though you or your company might do everything right, all it takes is one misstep, oversight, or minor mistake to spark a Public Relations catastrophe. And, because information now moves at the speed of light, negative press about you or your business can reach every corner of the globe within minutes. 

The crisis public relations management team at AAERO helps our clients prepare for and manage the aftermath of: 

  • Product recalls
  • Lawsuits
  • Union disputes
  • Attack ads
  • Accidents
  • Civil or criminal convictions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Negative media coverage

We are a champion for the good name of our clients. We understand the challenges they face when a Public Relations crisis surfaces, and we have the tools and techniques necessary to safeguard their legacies even in light of the most trying PR difficulties. 

The AAERO Approach to Crisis Management Public Relations

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to any given Public Relations crisis. Every situation is going to be different. As such, AAERO employs a consultative methodology for identifying the most significant threats, developing strategies for addressing those threats, and maintaining ongoing monitoring of the results over time. 

For the vast majority of our clients, this involves a multi-tiered approach consisting of the following three phases: 

  1. Preparation.“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Nothing is as effective during a PR crisis than planning for what’s to come. While no one has a crystal ball, we can develop response plans and forecast worst-case and best-case scenarios.
  2. Messaging guidance. It’s rarely easy knowing what to say and how to say it in the wake of a PR crisis. AAERO helps companies and individuals use consistent, effective messaging that has the highest chances of preserving integrity and conveying professionalism.
  3. Ongoing risk mitigation. Often, PR crises can snowball into devastating situations via thousands of widespread social media mentions, news articles, and other forms of negative PR. AAERO employs proven plans of action that reduce the impact of these derogatory PR torrents. 

Effective crisis management public relations requires a mix of technical understanding, fact-gathering, and thoughtful execution. AAERO is your partner in the fight to restore and maintain a positive image amidst even the direst of circumstances.