Google Penalty Recovery

Getting a penalty from Google (also known as a manual action) sucks. It can cost your business thousands if not millions of dollars in loss revenue. This controversial action from Google can quickly and efficiently destroy a business in the matter of weeks.

This action is an example of why Texas along with nine other states have recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Until the lawsuit is resolved, your business must take action to mitigate the damage brought by Google.

What is a Google Penalty

A Google penalty is better known as a manual action to search engine optimization practitioners. A manual action occurs when Google deems a website has violated Google Webmaster Guidelines. The most common manual action we see at Negative SEO SEO is due to paid links.

When a Google deems your site is in violation of their guidelines they essentially flick a switch the substantial demotes your website in its search engine result pages, or sometimes even complete removal. Eeek.

Google Penalty Recovery

Recovering from a Google partly can be a real pain in the ass. The scope of work really depends on the severity links triggering the penalty. That being said, there are other reasons why Google gives out many actions but links are by far the most common case we see.

In order to recover from a Google penalty Google want’s to see that you one 1.) accept responsibility for your action and 2.) do everything in your power to clean it up (removing links first, then disavowing them when unsuccessful) and finally, begging for forgiveness while promising to never repeat the action that got you in trouble in the first place.

At Negative SEO SEO, we have a 100% success rate at getting a penalty removed. Actual timelines to remove a penalty can vary but expect at least 30 days of clean up and another 30 days for an answer the reconsideration request.

If your site has caught the evil eye of Google and you need help getting your traffic back, Negative SEO SEO can help.

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