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When people hear the term “Enterprise SEO”, they often mistake it for meaning “Fortune 1000” SEO, or SEO for a company of considerable size and influence. While it is true that such companies should absolutely utilize Enterprise SEO strategies, the scope of Enterprise SEO is actually much wider.

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Enterprise SEO encompasses a set of strategies that has more to do with website size and volume than the size of a company. A startup e-commerce business with only 10 employees would not be considered enterprise-level by any definition, however they may have a thousand or more products on their website that need optimizing, which would surely necessitate an Enterprise SEO strategy.

One defining aspect of Enterprise SEO that sets is apart from smaller-scale strategies is automation. Manually optimizing web pages for small websites such as a local roofing contractor or law firm is both recommended and manageable, but when it comes to optimizing hundreds of pages or more, it can quickly become time consuming and overwhelming. Certain tools can implement base-level SEO automatically, allowing time and effort to be spent on more specialized strategies that are necessary for a successful Enterprise SEO campaign.

Keywords are of great importance when it comes to SEO for any business. In today’s economy brimming with oversaturated industries wherein hyper-competition runs fierce, targeted keywords for certain products and services have become enormously competitive. Enterprise SEO utilizes advanced tactics, such as creating and optimizing product hierarchies to include both short and long-tail keyword inquiries, to increase search engine rankings beyond what run-of-the-mill SEO can accomplish.

Integration is key to a successful Enterprise SEO campaign, especially when it comes to larger businesses. SEO must be implemented in an organized, consistent manner across all aspects, from user experience to content to branding, paving the way for scalability as the company grows. Brand integration is especially important. As a business grows, its brand becomes more recognizable. While this is generally considered a good thing, it also increases the likelihood of that brand’s reputation becoming tarnished, whether justifiably or not. Brand integration in an Enterprise SEO strategy ensures that your business is being presented consistently and with transparency to help build and maintain loyalty.

While standard SEO can do wonders for small businesses and contractors, the competitive nature of Enterprise-level business requires a more specialized, targeted and methodical approach. Altitude Agency has been providing Enterprise SEO services to e-commerce, Fortune 1000, and may other large-scale business operations for over 10 years. Let us help you by providing a foundation for Enterprise SEO that can help grow your brand beyond what you ever thought possible. Contact Altitude Agency today to learn more about our Enterprise SEO service.


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